आज फिर से एक सपना देखा, कि फिर सब पहले जैसा है। वही तुम हो, वही मैं हूँ, और आखों में वही ख्वाब हैं। आज भी वही काली शर्ट पहनी…

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I was randomly browsing through shop.airtel.com and discovered a XSS vulnerability. This involves one of the simplest forms of XSS attack, known as end title tag attack. This vulnerability is present in such…

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Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people using ad block extensions/addons to block ads on the websites. Such extensions/addons reduce the clutter a bit, hence provide a better browsing experience to the user. But on the other hand, many sites solely depend on the ad revenues in order to keep them running.

In order to fix this problem, I quickly hacked a very tiny script which detects ad blocking extensions/addons. I’ve tested the script with AdBlock and AdBlock Plus extensions and it worked fine.

Here are the steps to detect ad blocking extensions/addons: Read More Simple way to detect ad blocking extensions/addons (and monetizing without ads)