DigitalOcean + Black Friday Promo Code + Hacker News = $4000 in referral fees


On the occasion of black friday, DigitalOcean offered $50 in credits (which is equivalent to 10 months free 512MB VPS plan).

digitalocean tweet blackfriday

I was already a customer of DigitalOcean, so I shared this offer on Hacker News. The post got 29 upvotes, 32 comments  and made it to second page of hacker news. I got around 400 referrals and made $4000 that day (most of the referrals were from Hacker News).

Awesome!!! Isn’t it? But there’s catch. I make $10 for each signup only when the referred customer adds $10 to his account  via Credit Card or Paypal. See the screenshot of my earnings below. Most of the money is still pending; and I hope that when free credits get over, people will actually pay for their VPS and I’ll get paid in return.


I can only imagine how many signups this promotion would’ve driven and contributed to meteoric rise of DigitalOcean. I love DigitalOcean, but they aren’t offering any coupon code right now. One of the main reasons I tried them was the promo code which gave me 2 months of free hosting.

If you are interested in getting a VPS from DigitalOcean, click here. Use Promo Code: DEPLOY2DO to get free $10 credit.

Disclaimer: All the links to digitalocean have my referral code.

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